A data-driven SEO agency

That gets Google to rank you high.

Google search engine is a tough master to please but not for a true SEO specialist, and that’s what we are.

We help you boost your search engine visibility, increase organic traffic, generate more leads and grow revenue in record time and at price that fits your marketing budget.

How do we do it? With the power of 3Ts. A fanatic team, the right SEO and analytics tools, and rigorous testing to find what works and what doesn’t with evolving search engine algorithms.

If you need full-blown SEO services for your website, we do it. If you need an SEO consultant to partner with your in-house digital marketers, we do that too.

One thing to expect from us is scientific, tested and result-driven Search Engine Optimization. No guesswork at all!

Best SEO Company in Jaipur
SEO is a science in itself. We know the formulas. We do our own experiments.
Figuring out your ideal customer

Any attempt to figure out your ideal customer starts with learning about your business, your goals and objectives, the industry you operate in and how your target demographic interacts with popular search engines.

Competition research

SEO strategy cannot be created in vacuum. We identify your key competitor sites, analyze their SEO campaigns, find out what’s working for them and where the gaps lie. This analysis reveals useful reference points and potential inroads to increasing your search visibility.

Keyword research and selection

Keywords are the building blocks of any SEO strategy. We identify your niche-specific keywords – those which offer lucrative opportunities to show up on search engines and also the ones that your target customers are already keying in.

Technical SEO audit

We perform a comprehensive technical SEO audit of your site to check its current performance, identify and fix the glitches that may be keeping your site low on search results. For example, metadata optimization, tweaks to speed up page loading, weeding out broken links and more are among dozens of technical fixes to improve your SEO.

Content Writing

Google rewards the sites that offer visitors relevant, authoritative and trustworthy content. We have a team of experienced writers with expertise in creating SEO-friendly, engaging and persuasive web page copies, blog posts and sales landing page copies.

Off-Page SEO

We leverage our partnerships and connections to attract authoritative links from high domain websites in your niche. These backlinks “vouch” for the relevance, authority and trustworthiness of your site, earning it higher spot in SERPs, or search engine ranking pages.

SEO isn’t about toeing the line. Search engines get smarter and so do our methods

We learn by first-hand testing

There’s a lot of noise around SEO. We separate the wheat from the chaff with extensive testing on live functional sites. We ritually follow Google’s words on SEO, perform our own single variable experiments and keep testing the correlation between ranking factors in top sites.

We show you data & numbers

We have Google Tag Manager and Analytics experts on board. So, every SEO task and tweak we make is accounted for and its results measured in plain numbers. We use Google Data Studio to prepare weekly and monthly SEO reports and share them in pdf format with the clients.

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