Social Media Marketing (Basic Plan)

9500.00 INR /mo
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  • 2 (FB & IG) Platforms
  • Profile Setup & Optimization
  • 12/mo Creative Posts
  • 25/mo Stories
  • 250+/mo Followers
  • 2500+/mo Reach
  • 200+/mo Engagement
  • 1 Ads Campaign (10% Value)
  • Monthly Strategy Meetings
  • Weekly Content Calendar
  • Monthly Insight Reportings

Social Media Marketing (Advance Plan)

14500.00 INR /mo
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  • 2 (FB & IG) Platforms
  • Profile Setup & Optimization
  • 20/mo Creative Posts
  • 30/mo Stories
  • 500+/mo Followers
  • 5000+/mo Reach
  • 400+/mo Engagement
  • 3 Ads Campaign (20% Value)
  • Fortnightly Strategy Meetings
  • Fortnightly Content Calendar
  • Fortnightly Insight Reportings
  • Once/Qt. Photoshoot
  • Once/Qt. Influencer Marketing
  • Pixels Conversion Tracking

Social Media Marketing (Enterprise Plan)

24500.00 INR /mo
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  • 3 (FB, IG, LI) Platforms
  • Profile Setup & Optimization
  • 30/mo Creative Posts
  • 50/mo Stories
  • 1000+/mo Followers
  • 20000+/mo Reach
  • 1000+/mo Engagement
  • 5 Ads Campaign (30% Value)
  • Weekly Strategy Meetings
  • Monthly Content Calendar
  • Weekly Insight Reportings
  • Twice/Qt. Photoshoot
  • 3/Qt. Influencer Marketing
  • Pixels Conversion Tracking
  • Maximum Lead Generation
  • User Generated Content
  • Monitoring Brand Mentions
  • Dedicated Chat Replies

A social media marketing agency

Taking you to the right audience on the right social networks with the right messages at the right time to create ROI-focused brand awareness, engagement and site traffic.

Social media is a densely populated planet. There are people with their stories, Your brand has its own story. We, as a social media marketer, find crucial resonances in the two, and create, curate and post content that builds, highlights and nurtures a bond between the like-minded.

We craft content that reflects your brand personality and attracts people who love, care and share about you. We do this with a mix of proven methodologies, experiments and sophisticated tools like Hootsuite and Sprout Social.

We chalk out a concrete social media strategy that produces results for your brand, be it through organic social media, paid advertising, influencer marketing or a blend of all three. Depending on your goals, budget and timeline, we tailor a cohesive strategy and execute it to drive growth.

What we do
Social media content creation

Users come to social media to have a good time with friends. We help you craft content in the ideal format – video, graphics, text, GIFs or podcasts – that lets your brand be a welcome part of their social circles and conversations without being intrusive. These are not random posts but well-guided and user-centered pieces to attract likes, comments and shares.

Community Management

If you have a community of admirers, followers or a customer base on social media, our team can help you maintain consistent, warm and personal communication in your unique brand voice. We have trained professionals to take care of your customer service on Facebook and Twitter.

Influencer Marketing

When experts in their fields advocate your brand, products or services to thousands of their followers on social media, you experience the power of influencer marketing. We work closely with a string of influencers across industries, who can give a big boost to your social outreach with high-quality, relevant, and relatable content.

Social Media Management

You focus on your core activities and let our team take care of your social media management. Updating social media profiles, concept planning, scheduling, publishing and reporting – we can do it all for you. We employ top-tier social media management tools – Hootsuite and Sprout Social – to automate your social media management.

Paid Social Advertising

Facebook, Twitter and the likes are mines of data that can be harnessed for targeted advertising on social media. We are well-versed in extracting actionable insights from this data to plan campaigns and create ads that convert followers into paying customers. Be it long-term campaigns or a short burst event promotion, we know how to create buzz with paid social advertising.

Social Media Consulting

We work with your in-house teams across departments – marketing, sales, and HR - sharing actionable tips and tricks on how to leverage social media to hit their goals. We also provide training on how to use the latest social media tools and frameworks to level up your in-house social media efforts.

Why Us

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